Write a Riff Like The Hell Song by Sum 41

guitar lessons write a riff like Dec 15, 2022

The Hell Song by Sum 41 is a fantastic song with a fantastic guitar riff right at the beginning. Today, we're picking that riff apart and reengineering it into our very own original riff.

Here's why you won't want to miss this: 

  • Why following your ear or your instrument will likely lead to a highly musical result. 
  • How to retain the exact same fundamentals and STILL come out with an original riff. No key change, no instrument change; just music. 
  • How one articulation change can make all the difference between sounding original, and derivative.

Funny story, the beginning example originally had more guitar parts to make it sound like the song, however, it sounded TOO much like it and my video editing program literally would not export the audio.

HOWEVER – In vindication of the tools I teach in this video, my new riff sounded different enough to bypass this automatic DRM check. 

This is super interesting in and of itself, so I plan on making a bonus video going into more detail.  

Thanks so much for being here!

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