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Avi Blum, founder of Just Write Music

My name is Avi and I want to help you write the music you want to write.

Hey friend! Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you had some awesome tunes in your head, but was wondering exactly how to make that into actual music you can share with the world?

This is why I created Just Write Music: A resource dedicated to helping musicians learn the craft of writing music and stay sane while doing so.

As a fellow songwriter and composer, I've been through and can relate to many of your pains and frustrations – like finding time to write, feeling like I can't get what's in my head out, or like I just need guidance to decrease the overwhelm.

We're going to demystify the process of writing music

Like debunking the word "talent" and reframing writing a song or composing a piece as a skill, so we can set appropriate expectations.

Through that lens, you'll learn the fundamentals of writing music, learn how to write with or without inspiration, and learn advanced skills and techniques – like arranging, music production, and orchestration – to help you refine your music and work towards your goals. Whether that's writing for fun, or starting a career in music.

You'll get the musical training I wish I had; free from gatekeeping, elitism, and pretense. But not only will you still get all the music theory and techniques I've learned both in school and in the decade since graduating; you'll also learn how to bring music theory into your process in a pragmatic way that actually helps you write, not the opposite (which kind of isn't true anyway).

Let's take you and your music to the next level.

Even if you're completely new to writing music or playing an instrument, that's totally fine. You still have a place here. You'll find out how to find and practicing your instrument (which could be a computer), as well as how to connect to your inner ear and start discovering your musical instincts – the first step to writing your own original music! 

But that's not all...

We'll also talk about mental health. 

This is a subject close to my heart. As someone with my own depression and anxiety diagnoses, I think it's imperative to create a space where we can be honest about our musical and emotional lives.

Welcome to that space: You'll uncover skills and strategies to combat mental illness specific to musicians. The career and lifestyle of a musician is particularly predisposed to depression and anxiety – it's my goal to make sure you're able to keep yourself healthy so you can make the best music you possibly can.

Let's get started!

Below are two free guides I put together. Both are guaranteed to help you – today. 

And because you're here and being your awesome self, you'll automatically have access to the other, so you can check it out in your own time.

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The 3-Step SongStarter makes the song-starting process simple & fun. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, starting a new song is hard. This makes it easier.

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