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Write Music Like Periphery | The Way The News Goes

guitar lessons write a riff like writing process Feb 02, 2023

Periphery is one of my favorite bands at the moment, so today we're learning the intro riff/melody for "The Way the News Goes" off the album Periphery III: Select Difficulty. As you'll see, this is a difficult song to learn, which makes our task of reengineering it pretty difficult as well!  

Here's why you'll want to check out this video: 

  • You'll learn how tiny changes, like adding one note, can drastically affect the feel of a riff. 
  • How to take "objects" from a riff or melody and create a new part that sounds totally different, yet reminiscent. 
  • Find new ways to stay inspired without sacrificing the core of what's inspiring you.  

If you want to choose what riff or melody we engineer next, throw your suggestion down in the comments below.  

Thanks so much for being here and DFTBA :)

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