Watch a Real Composer Write Music in Sibelius Ep. 6

music composition Mar 31, 2022


When writing music, it's important to take the theory you learn and apply it when you write. But, it's also important not to get too caught up in what's "allowed." In my limited series, Watch a Real Composer Write Music in Sibelius, I show you how I apply my training in my writing process.

Here's why you won't want to miss this episode:

  • Learn the best and only reason you'll ever need to break established rules: Your Ear!
  • You'll also learn my stupid-simple technique to help me be as creative as I can and push my growth with just one question.
  • You get a first-hand look at just how messy writing music actually is, and just how much trial and error can come into play, even when you're trained!

I get that this series isn't for everyone, and while we're just over halfway through, I want to invite you to comment below the video with a topic you'd like for me to cover in the future, or do more of something I've done in the past.

It's important to me that you have a voice in what you're being taught, so let me know what that is!

Thanks so much for being here. I can't do this without you.



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