Watch a Real Composer Write Music in Sibelius Ep.3

music composition songwriting tips Jan 06, 2022

Sometimes, all it takes is just one idea to change everything about a song, but we have to let it. This week in Watch a Real Composer Write Music, I write 3 bars which completely changed my outlook on this piece. Coupled with fantastic feedback from my own teacher, this song really starts coming together. You never quite know just how a song will end up, which is why keeping an open mind and open ear is crucial.

In this video, you'll see:

  • How I take a complex instrumental part and simplify it to serve the song better.

  • Why trial and error is sometimes necessary when our ears just aren't hearing what wants to come next.

  • How little details like a voice exchange create little easter eggs for the listener.

If you want to support Just Write Music, watch a good chunk of this video and share it with someone you think will also like it!

Thanks so much for being here. Hope you had an amazing and safe New Years!



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