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Song Charts Help Write CRUSHING Songs Like Enter Sandman by Metallica

songwriting tips Aug 10, 2023

Let's use Enter Sandman by Metallica to learn how a song chart is a huge help in organizing and keeping track of song sections. Not only will this help you learn and perform your favorite songs, but is immensely useful when writing your own songs, too!  

Here's what you learn: 

  • What a song chart is and how to make one using tools you already have 
  • How to organize repetitions to keep things easy to follow 
  • Avoiding easy mistakes to make when doing this on your own  

I routinely use this method to help me organize my own song ideas, and I recommend you do the same. It's way to easy to get stuck in our heads when writing a song, so having something on paper other than just lyrics is hugely helpful.  

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!  

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