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Schoenberg TROLLS Music Schools Everywhere

music composition Jul 27, 2023

I was just reading this fantastic book by Schoenberg and came across something hysterical that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt how backwards music education is in academia to this day.  

Apparently, Schoenberg thought his was the last generation to learn an archaic shorthand notation for organists and pianists that hasn't been used in almost two centuries. Guess who learned that same shorthand in music school? Me. Yup.  

Here's what you learn today: 

  • Why music schools are kind of broken right now 
  • How these curriculums haven't changed in literal ages 
  • The nefarious truth behind continuing to use archaic notation like this.  

It's no wonder people don't bother with theory or music school who aren't strictly into classical music; they're stuck in the past. Actually, they're in a past that's stuck in a past. Yeah, it's kinda meta. And ridiculous.  

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