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Remastering is KILLING The Sound of Metal

news & current events Aug 24, 2023

Remastering is KILLING the sound of metal. And music, in general. A remaster is when engineers go back go through the mastering process over again. Now that's fine if the album hasn't released yet; but now, classic albums, acclaimed, some of your favorites, are also remastered. And this can fundamentally change the sound we hear coming out of our speakers. Let's discuss.  

Here's what you learn today: 

  • When it's appropriate to remaster a project 
  • How we're losing the sound of our favorite albums 
  • Why much of the time, remastering is just about corporate greed 

This is a hot take and honestly a little rant-y. It's frustrating when the sounds of albums I've heard for decades is changed and I then can't access the originals. It's Star Wars ALL OVER AGAIN.  

Thanks for being here and DFTBA  


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