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Your Probably Using Music Theory Wrong (here's a better way)

writing process Jul 20, 2023

What if I told you there was a way to use music theory when you're writing that will supercharge the results you get with it?

The answer is this: Think about music theory like you would presets in a DAW.

When we need to solve writing problems and pull out theory and analysis, going for a dogmatic approach with theory is just shit. It doesn’t help and makes our music sound boring and generic.

This is likely the step many people stop at in their theory journey; coming to the conclusion theory is no-good and kills creativity and originality – Bah! Humbug!

Instead, when we take the preset approach, we allow ourselves to be more creative with theory. Think about it: with DAW presets, we pick the closest thing we think sounds good and tweak it a bit to suit our needs.

That’s the perfect blueprint for using theory when writing.

Take a theory concept and change it a little to make it suit what’s happening in YOUR music. Remember, theory is trying to explain music that already exists; bending and manipulating existing concepts is how music and culture innovates and evolves!

So don't follow everything totally blindly. Use the ear test – if it sounds good, it is good. Use the theory just as long as you need it to get your ear back on track.

AND, feel confident and comfortable taking what you learn in music theory and changing it to suit your music in that moment.

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