Arranging a Mozart Melody for String Quartet in Sibelius

music composition writing process Dec 08, 2022

No matter what genre you're writing in, you'll eventually have to dabble in arranging. This is the process of taking musical material and fitting it into instruments, textures, and lots more. Today, I'll show you in the in's and out's of arranging music by taking a popular melody by Mozart, and arranging it for String Quartet.

Here's why you don't want to miss this:

  • You get to see the practical tools Mozart himself used back in the 18th century.
  • You'll find out the one mistake that many composers make in the digital age which makes their music unlistenable.
  • You get a full understanding of why it's so important to think on the instrument you're writing for, rather than notes and pitches in a vacuum. 

The knowledge you gain here will apply in any genre, we're using Mozart because his melodies have stood the test of time, and that says something.

This video happened because of you! I got feedback on the polls I send out over at the YouTube Community Board. So if you'd like to have a say in what gets made next, pop on over there and make your voice heard!

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