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Should I record, mix, and master my own music?

gear & software mental health for musicians productivity Jan 26, 2023

I was recently asked by a student whether it’s a good or a bad thing to record, mix, and master, your own music. So today, we’re diving into the pros and cons, while keeping the realities of the music industry in mind.

Here’s why you don’t want to miss this video:

  • We go over the pros of DIY music production and how it elevates you as an artist.
  • We tackle why self-production can be a detriment to not just our mental health, but our craft of writing music.
  • Finally, we bring together the best of the both worlds to discover how you can find balance in this subject and grow as both an artist and an engineer.

Many of us – most even – simply can’t afford to hire someone else to produce our music. So this is the reality we’re keeping in mind as I unpack this and as we learn how to balance our music and production.

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