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How to Write a Melody Like Beethoven

melody tips writing process Apr 06, 2023

Today, we're learning how to write a melody like Beethoven. Good ol' Ludwig Van...But instead of straight mimicry, we're going to take elements of Beethoven's music to use as our own. So yeah, we're kind of stealing it. Oops.  

Here's what you learn today: 

  • How create a brand new melody out of a literal classic.
  • That all it takes is one idea to get the other dominos to fall into place. 
  • The right time to totally abandon musical material for the sake of a resolution.  

This is some high level fun melodic mayhem we're doing here. I encourage you to go and find a melody you love and make it your own by doing what we do in this video.  

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below the video!  

Thanks for being here and DFTBA.


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