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Musical Fundamentals: The Major Scale

music theory musical fundamentals Nov 10, 2022

The major scale feels basic, because it is. But, basic isn’t bad. The major scale is the most important scale we ever learn; because it sets us up to learn all the others. It’s the reference point. So let’s go back to basics and learn about the major scale.

This video will refresh your fundamentals by:

  • Learning what a scale is and how its arrangement of steps creates different scales and characters.
  • Review the whole-step/half-step formula that we use to create the major scale.
  • How we can take that formula and start on any note we choose to create a major scale.

How are your fundamentals? Are you enjoying going back to basics like this? Let me know in a comment below the video! Cause, like, I’ll stop. Or I won’t because this is important.

Thanks for being here :)


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