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Lyrics vs Chords: Which Should You Write First?

music composition songwriting tips Sep 15, 2022

I was just interviewed on the Hook and Bridge podcast. It was cool! During the interview I was asked the question: Which do you write first in a song, lyrics or chords? I had a lot to say about this, because this is a great question to unpack, so I made a video going a little more in detail about which I think is best (Hint: the answer may surprise you!)

Here’s why you won’t want to miss this video:

  • Gain insight into the pros and cons of starting with one over the other
  • How to keep the writing process no matter which you choose
  • How this question actually misses the point to an extent and how to remedy that.

Which do you find yourself writing first most of the time: chords or lyrics? Let me know in a comment below the video AND I wanna hear from you about my answer to this question.

Thanks so much for being here.

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