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Tuning My Embarrassing Vocals With Flex Pitch in Logic Pro

gear & software Feb 09, 2023

We can’t all be amazing singers, and I’m certainly not one. Thankfully, if you’ve had pitch issues like me, we can go in and tune our vocals so they actually sound in key! Today, I’m sharing some embarrassing vocal takes from back in the day and we’ll be tuning them up to make them – gasp! – listenable.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • How to navigate the flex pitch, the vocal tuning system in Logic Pro.
  • The parameters that will help you in a pinch, and what you can ignore.
  • When a vocal take is just not worth tuning and when you should go back and rerecord for a better take.

Vocals can be a pain point for a lot of us, myself included; it just feels so personal – because it is. It’s our voice. Just a little bit of tuning knowledge like this can take the edge off of feeling we have to be the most perfect singer ever. 

Let me know your thoughts on vocal tuning down in the comments – or, you can just go in and make fun of me 😛



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