How To Use Chords Like A Pro, Part 4: Modes and Modulation

music theory Dec 03, 2020

I hope you had an amazing and safe Thanksgiving. If the holidays are hard for you, I hope you were able to successfully cope and administer some self-care. 

Today, we're ending our series on using chords like the pros. In part 3, we covered how to prolong your chord progressions to buy us time and keep cadences for when we really want them.

For part 4, we're talking about modal mixture, or using borrowed chords from other keys and scales. We'll also learn how to modulate from one key to another by using pivot chords and tonicization. 

This stuff is super fun and can really transform your chord progressions and make them sound super cool. Let me know what you thought of part 4, as well as the whole series, by commenting below.

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