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How Great Composers Write Register Shifts in a Melody

melody tips Mar 30, 2023

It's important to stand on the shoulders of past masters. In this case, we can glean how great composers handled changing registers in a melody. Oh and there's an example from me too. Why is this important? Well, by keeping our eye on something called melodic contour, we can make sure we keep listener fatigue at bay.

WATCH: How Great Composers Write Register Shifts in a Melody

Here's what you learn today:

  • A new dimension to think about your melody in
  • Three distinct techniques from getting moving more than an octave in a melody (+1 Bonus)
  • Each technique is illustrated through a real musical example

Make sure you watch all the way to the end and leave a comment with your thoughts below the video!

Have a great one and DFTBA


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