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WHEN to Harmonize a Melody

melody tips May 16, 2023

Today, I give you three places you can confidently add a harmony to your melody. No fuss, no muss. This is crucial for creating more intrigue for boring moments, or making big moments stand out even more.

Welcome back to May Melody Madness where I'm celebrating the release of my course the Melody Mastery Mini Course ►► 

Here's what you learn today:

  • Three solid places to harmonize your melody, that every melody likely has
  • Illustrations of simple third-based lower and upper harmonies
  • How to resolve a seventh in a dominant seventh chord

Harmony and melody combine to do some really fantastic things, and I'll start talking more and more about harmony as the year goes on.

Let me know your thoughts in a comment below!

Thanks so much and DFTBA


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