Do You Need to Know Music Theory to Write a Song?

music theory songwriting tips Sep 03, 2020

 We are officially back in gear after a few months of production hiatus due to the pandemic. Thanks so much for being part of Just Write Music, it means a ton.

You probably already know the answer to the question in the title. Of course, knowledge of music theory isn't necessary to write a song, but I'd still argue that it will only elevate your music.

Even when you don't use theory to write, you're often still using the same concepts when following your ear. It's inescapable!

In the video, I give you three reasons why your music will be better off if you start learning theory. To be honest, I am 100% on my high horse about this. I get that.

I'm also passionate about songwriters having the tools of their craft and tired of pretentious academics hoarding them, in all but name.

Let me know what you think by commenting below...or if you want me to make that ear training video :)

– Avi

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