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3 Ways to Add Chromatic Notes to a Melody

melody tips May 23, 2023

Today, I'm showing you three ways you can add chromatic notes to a melody. This can help you go a long way to creating different flavors and special moments in your melody.  

Welcome back to May Melody Madness where I'm celebrating the release of the Melody Mastery Mini Course ►►  

Here's what you learn today: 

• Three places you can add a chromatic note without changing the harmony 

• How to tell whether you should use an altered note again 

• The most classic use of chromaticism in a minor scale.  

Adding chromatic notes can often feel overwhelming, especially if you don't know how to use them harmonically. What I teach you here allows you to find places to play with chromaticism without having to worry about changing the harmony.  

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!  

Thanks so much for being here and DFTBA  


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