What to Do When You Can’t Write Music Anymore

mental health for musicians music composition songwriting tips Dec 02, 2021

It’s incredibly frustrating when we can’t write music, but we want to. It’s easy to feel like we’ve lost something, like something is broken. You’re not broken. What you’re experiencing is completely normal, expected even. Today I’m cutting right to the heart of writer’s block and giving you a step-by-step guide to get your music back on track.

You’ll learn hard truths about writing music many don’t learn until they’re decades in, including…

  • The real truth behind inspiration and how we can facilitate the same flow state it causes.

  • Why it’s imperative to let go of our expectations, write “bad” music, and ignore our inner critic.

  • When all else fails, asking the incredibly tough questions to dive deep into our psyche as creators and search for the underlying cause behind your writer’s block.

When you follow these steps consistently, you’ll be able to create a system that ensures you’re always able to write, or feel confident taking a break, because you’ve revitalized the commitment to your craft.

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Thanks so much for being here.

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