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Powerful Tips for Writing Advanced Chord Progressions

Nov 24, 2022

Making the chords we use match the feeling we’re trying to express is imperative. Advanced harmony in chord progressions helps us do just that, but where do we start? Today, I’m sharing 3 powerful tips to help you write advanced chord progressions.

In this video, you’ll make better chord progressions by:

  • Learning how to use the tonic-dominant relationship for not just the tonic and dominant of a key.
  • Understanding how and what chords to borrow from other modes and use them effectively.
  • Leveraging centuries of beautiful voice leading without needing a music degree.

Much of the time, advanced harmony will use non-diatonic chords, or chords that don’t belong to the home key. Just knowing a few techniques can help you find quick ways to write interesting and expressive chord progressions. 

Let me know what you thought of the video in one of the comments below!

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