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Unboxing the EXCLUSIVE New Avenged Sevenfold World Vinyl

Aug 17, 2023

Let's unbox the A7X World Exclusive Edition vinyl of the new Avenged Sevenfold album Life is But a Dream. I've never done anything like this before, but come on a journey with me as I gush about the new vinyl and how it's weirdly inside out. What? Yeah.

This is really more of a me being a fan boy video, but I will say, if you check it out; like me, you may find yourself yearning for the days of physical media. The extra artwork, the lyrics, the credits – it all adds so much to the experience.

There's just nothing quite like holding some of your favorite music from your favorite artist right there in your hands.

Not to mention the sound and texture of a vinyl! There truly is something unique about hearing the record mechanically read in front of you. There's an immediacy, a realness, to it. Anyway, this is more of a fun one for me. So let's hang out and see a cool vinyl from a fantastic new album.

Thanks for being here!



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