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Metallica, Master of Puppets, and Stranger Things: Is Metal Cool Again?

news & current events Jul 21, 2022

There's a lot of buzz around the Metallica classic "Master of Puppets" in the newest season of Stranger Things. Being into metal myself, I wanted to address some of the toxicity that's been going around and give some advice to people who just want to like the things they like.

In this video we'll talk about:

  • Why it's pretty ridiculous to judge someone finding the thing you love in a different way you did.
  • The sad truth of my own gatekeepy past
  • What to do when confronted by this kind of toxicity, about anything.

This is another super experimental video for me. Let me know what you think of these more "hot take" style videos. They're fun for me to make, so if you like, I'm happy to make more. 

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