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5 Ways To Avoid Writer's Block

mental health for musicians productivity Oct 22, 2020

Writer's block sucks. We've all been there. Sitting down to write, excited to hear what's going to come out of our session, then nothing, nothing good, or not what we want to happen. So what can we do?

This week I'm going to give you 5 ways to prevent writer's block, or get out of if it you're currently suffering from it.

I'll be honest, some of this stuff we've talked about before, but I'm a believer in a holistic approach to music creation, which is why so much of what we talk about revolves around how to organize and think about our process, including our lifestyle.

Writer's block used to be a big problem for me. But I can say with confidence that after using these tips consistently, I haven't had much of a problem, since.

What's your experience with writer's block? Comment down below to let me know!

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