3 Ways I Manage Depression to Stay Productive

mental health for musicians Jan 21, 2021

I have depression. It’s a struggle for me, a big one. It’s taken me years to get a handle on it. 

If you’re a freelancer of any kind, you know how unstable that life can be, which makes it a breeding ground for mental illness. Today, I want to step away from music to talk about depression. Specifically, 3 ways I’m able to subvert it to make sure I get things done. 

Even if you’re not a freelancer or a music professional, or have a diagnosis, we all get depressed, and these tips are universal. They’ll help get you on the path to feeling better, which usually means making more music. 

Be sure to subscribe to the youtube channel, like the video, and leave a comment if, like me, you’ve ever felt depressed, inhibiting your ability to function. Thanks so much for being here. 

– Avi

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