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Tommy T.

"Solid! This is a really comprehensive course."

Isabella L.

"Not only do melodies make more sense to me, even my improvisations have skyrocketed in quality."

Alex S.

"It’s remarkable how easy it was for a beginner like me to create a beautiful melody."

Avi Blum

What's up! I'm Avi and I'm just a big ol' music nerd who wants to give you the tools you to make the amazing music you hear in your head a reality.

I get it – You want to write high quality music. 


And you know having a killer melody is at the top of the list to make that happen... 


So what do you do?

TO THE INTERNET! Totally been there. Mining the tons upon tons of free information out there on the internet; whether it be on YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, or searching Google, Bing, or Ecosia

Here's the thing – learning this way has its own setbacks that can be pretty infuriating:

  • Even if you find a great resource, it’s common to come across concepts and tools that you just aren’t ready for. 
  • We don’t know what we don’t know; and since music is so cumulative, this only leaves you feeling confused and maybe straight-up depressed. Been there – no bueno.
  • Since you’re not being guided through the material, it’s incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

This becomes compounded when ignoring easy ways of communicating music visually, like music notation. Yup, I’m that guy.

Most online music courses out there can be over-extensive. Causing more paralysis and overwhelm.

I'm Ready For Melody Mastery

I’ve taught music for over 15 years and I've learned that every single person can write and play music.

At first, I wanted nothing to do with theory or musicianship – I just wanted to shred on guitar playing along to pop punk and heavy metal bands like Green Day and Metallica. So, I put in the time on my instrument, practiced and was soon able to proficiently play along to my favorite artists.

By the time I wanted to write my own songs, I ran into classic beginner barriers like thinking my first-ever songs should sound as good as "Enter Sandman" or "Welcome to Paradise." It was during this same time I was powerfully struck by master film scores like Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings, and John Williams' Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter.

This became my gateway into classical music, particularly the works of Holst, Bach, and Mozart. They appealed to the same part of me that liked the virtuosity and complexity of heavy metal and progressive rock.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I NEEDED to know how to write like these incredible composers and songwriters. How they were able to arrange the music and create such timeless melodies – melodies that felt like they were always meant to exist.

So during my second year of college I transferred schools, changed majors, obtained formal training, and got my degree.

Let me say this: I adored music school and everything I learned; and, it’s absolutely not for everyone.

My original goal was to be formally trained and make my mark as a heavy metal recording artist.

But I fell in love with composition, so I changed my goal to simply learning everything I could about it...and yes, that's a real picture of me when I was 17.

So I went to music school and got my degree. But, in order to learn practical tools that help you understand the mechanics of music and the interplay of melody and harmony, you have to learn a slew of other abstract material that for lots and lots of aspiring musicians is a total nightmare – and wholly unnecessary

I’ve distilled my 15 years of teaching into creating ways to communicate these melodic tools in a more open and easy to understand way.

You don’t need to go to music school or invest in finding the right private teacher and start from square one.

With great pride and excitement I present to you...

In this course, I crystallize all the concepts I teach my private clients into a unique educational experience focused on making you a melody master.

I give you not just all the tools I learned to create a fantastic melody when getting my music degree, but also tips and techniques I’ve created on my own in my years of teaching and further study.

There’s powerful material in this course you won’t get even if you do go to music school or a conservatory.

Many programs, graduate and doctorates included, simply fall short when teaching basic fundamentals of writing music. Relying more so on archaic techniques from the 1700s and repurposing analytic tools to varying degrees of success.

In this course, I reinvent formal training into an efficient way to learn everything you need to know to write amazing melodies.

Join Melody Mastery

Let’s take a quick tour:

Module 1

  • This first module is all about getting you up and running writing melodies.
  • We cover basic melodic structure and how to start learning to hear and identify structural moments in a melody.
  • Finally, we tie things into harmony, learning fundamental mechanics for learning how to know which chords will fit under a melody. 

Module 2

  • The second module builds on our first by introducing powerful melodic tools like scale patterns.
  • From there, you’ll learn one of my favorite tools in the melodic world, like the sequence, and learn to apply them with ease.
  • Finally, we distill all of these tools into one epic potion allowing us to create amazing melodies every single time: The Great Melodic Formula.


Module 3

  • This final module is where you go from making great melodies, to making great melodies that feel timeless and inevitable, like they had to exist.
  • You’ll learn the secrets behind “stealing” like a “great artist.”
  • Finally, you’ll learn how to create a musical narrative using the same techniques of renowned composers and film scorers.

 At the end of each module you also get a set of Action Steps. It’s your literal homework and is the only way to get the full value of this course.

So what's the catch – how much is this gonna set me back?

When I was in college in the late 2000s and early 2010s, I was paying upwards of $3300 a semester, not including another $1000 to pay for books.

That’s each semester; so double both and add them together for a total of $8600 a year. Add room and board to that which drives that number up to around $17,000

And, I went to a public college as an in-state resident over a decade ago.

College is crazy expensive and is simply not affordable or not the right move for many aspiring composers and songwriters. Not to mention the fact that many schools simply won't help you write in the genre you want. 

Private instruction is helpful here – and results can seriously vary. 

You can get tutelage from working professors and composers, but prices can vary wildly – especially if they’re associated with a music school or conservatory.

My own private coaching is priced at $100 per hour; which is on the low side. Other coaches rates can easily go as high as hundreds of dollars per hour.

And while this is high-quality instruction, it can also be a high-quality nightmare for your wallet.


Let’s break this down. Here’s how you can traditionally procure the melody tools I’m offering:

At least $67,000

Four years of music school or conservatory.

At least $15,000

Three years of high-quality private coaching.

That’s a lot of money.


Instead, I’m offering lifetime access to Melody Mastery for a one time payment of just $97.



I'm Ready To Make Masterful Melodies

This isn’t about me. It’s about you. 

My goal with this course is to provide a comprehensive yet efficient educational experience to make you a melody master. To provide tools I wish I had access to without having to spend thousands of dollars and go to music school.

I want to give you the choice I didn’t have when learning to write music.


Tell me if this resonates with you:

  • You care deeply about your art and your expression through music.
  • You want to write melodies that you’re proud of, melodies that people will like.
  • You want to have tools to pull out to make your melody, and your music as a whole, the best it can be.
  • You feel deeply inspired, but don’t know how to leverage that inspiration into real music.


I resonate with all of those.

To honor that, I’m offering a no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee.

Get the course, try it for 60 days. If you’re not happy with it, don’t get your value, or just plain don’t like me; email me at [email protected] and you’ll get a full refund


No ifs, ands, or buts.

I actually neglected to mention that there’s more to the Just Write Music Melody Mastery Mini Course than just the core modules…


I also include two powerful bonus video trainings:

  • The Painter’s Perspective: Avoiding the Fallacies of Learning Music Theory, and Why it Actually Supercharges Your Creativity
  • How to Stay Consistent and Grow On Your Own  

The material I share in each bonus training is easily worth at least $75 – And like I said, both of these are also included in course.

I want to offer you the chance to transform yourself into the melody master you’re meant to be.

To help you achieve that goal, I’m also offering a premium version of  Melody Mastery which includes access to the...

$1000 VALUE

These bonus lessons are one-offs that aren’t part of the core course; and, that’s just the beginning…

Over time, this bonus module will grow and grow and grow; eventually becoming a repository for contextual musical knowledge for you to peruse and fill in the gaps of your own journey at your convenience.

This is a brand new approach to learning to write music, designed to meet musicians where they’re at.

The premium version also includes something I don't regularly offer...

  • FREE 90-min Coaching Session ($200 value).

After you get the course and complete everything, send me an email and we’ll set up a time to speak one-on-one.

I’ll give you insight on where you are right now and help you forge a path forward to give you clarity for your next step to reaching your goals. This is my way of maintaining that personal touch to teaching that only human contact can provide.

So with the premium version of the Just Write Music Melody Mastery Mini Course, you get lifetime access to:

  • Three Core Modules (up to $67k value via music school)
  • Two Bonus Video Lessons ($150 value)
  • Ever-growing Bonus Module ($1000 value and growing)
  • FREE 90-min Coaching Session ($200 value)

That’s a total value of up to $68,350.


Instead, I’m offering the premium version of the Melody Mastery Mini Course for a one time payment of $167.


And, this still includes the 60-day guarantee.

However you slice it, we’re talking about orders of magnitude lower than what it normally costs to obtain these tools, otherwise. Not to mention more flexibility for your future.

I don't know how long I'll be able to offer the course at this price. As I continue to refine the course and make it better and better over time – both basic and premium.

Which means this is your only chance to get Melody Mastery at this special price... 


Which will you choose?




  • Three Core Course Modules
  • Lifetime Access 
  • Two Bonus Trainings ($150 value)
  • Ever-Growing Bonus Video Module ($1k value)
  • FREE 90-min coaching session ($200 value)




  • Three Core Course Modules
  • Lifetime Access
  • Two Bonus Trainings ($150 value)
  • Ever-Growing Bonus Video Module ($1k value)
  • FREE 90-min coaching session ($200 value)

Don't forget your 60-day guarantee. This is a win-win, risk free transaction for you.

Let’s get nerdy for a sec and head into the future...

Right now you’re standing at the precipice of two timelines. One where you buy this course, and one where you don’t.

Let’s look at the timeline where you buy this course:

  • You’ll be writing better melodies than ever.
  • You’ll have access to tools and concepts used by master composers and professionals of the craft.
  • You’ll have personalized guidance via our 90-min coaching.
  • You’ll have a clear path forward for your musical goals.
  • Even if you didn’t think it was all that and got your refund, you still put yourself out there and invested in your own skills and journey as an artist.

Now let’s look at the timeline where you don’t buy this course:

  • Your melodies won’t get any better
  • You’ll stay mired in confusion and overwhelm
  • You may even remain in the dark on music and writing fundamentals
  • You’ll be no closer to achieving your goals.
  • You’ll have no personalized guidance.

I really really really don’t want the latter timeline for you. That’s why the 60-day guarantee exists.

One of my favorite moments as a teacher is being able to see that moment where things click; moments where massive amounts of progress are made and open up a whole new world of melodic and musical possibilities. 

If I can give you just one of those moments, I’ll consider this a massive success.

Which timeline will you choose?




  • Three Core Course Modules
  • Lifetime Access 
  • Two Bonus Trainings ($150 value)
  • Ever-Growing Bonus Video Module ($1k value)
  • FREE 90-min coaching session ($200 value)




  • Three Core Course Modules
  • Lifetime Access 
  • Two Bonus Trainings ($150 value)
  • Ever-Growing Bonus Video Module ($1k value)
  • FREE 90-min coaching session ($200 value)

P.S. Just a friendly reminder that this is totally risk free for you with the 60 day guarantee.

P.P.S. I know it's hard to take the plunge every now and then. And I promise you won't regret learning these tools, especially at this price!

Start making your musical goals a reality by becoming a melody master.

Times are hard right now, and the one thing you hear all the finance and business gurus say is to invest in your own skills.

This is how you do that. Do yourself and your music a favor and hit "add to cart."

I'll see you in there...