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Want to write memorable melodies like your favorite artists? 

In this free training, I'll show you 7 powerful secrets to writing a melody that sticks in your head like glue.

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High Quality

These are the same tools and techniques professionals use every day.

Easy To Implement

Most of these tips take little prior training to see real results and more effective melodies.


Apply to any melody, in any genre; you can even take the same melody through them multiple times!

Melody Mastery Mini Course is now LIVE!

High-Level Melodic Tools

Get all the melody tools you need to write a melody that sticks in your head like glue – PLUS lots of bonus features and trainings.

Skip the Music Degree

Learn the same tools renown songwriters and composers use. I'm bringing them to you without the rigamarole of formal training.

I'm Ready To Be A Melody Master

Listeners lock on to melodies, first – that means it's our job to make sure our melodies blow them away!

  • These seven tips are a distillation of melodic techniques learned in formal music training.

  • You won't need to go through all of that, because I'm giving them all to you in simple and easy-to-read language.

  • I've helped over 1,000 people make their melodies better with just these seven tips. Apply them to any melody, in any genre.

  • Best part: they're repeatable until you've refined your melody to where you want it.

Don't write another melody without watching this video training, first.

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